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Chicago Cancels St. Patrick’s Day Parade For The First Time In 177 Years Following Coronavirus Pandemic

On Wednesday March 11th, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced her decision to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day parade to prevent further spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Mayor Lightfoot, along side with Governor of Illinois Jay R. Pritzker, held a press conference to deliver the devastating news to postpone a 177 year old tradition where the is a parade, the Chicago

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The Media Lies About Donald Trump Jr. Getting ‘Booed’ and ‘Heckled’ At UCLA With Turning Point USA

Los Angeles, CA.– On Sunday, November 10th, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk on stage to promote his new book “Triggered” at UCLA. While it was expected for there to be left wing protesters at the event, it took a different turn when conservatives known as “Groypers” disrupted the speech after it was announced that

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Detroit Police Chief Slams Rep. Rashida Tlaib After She Goes Full Racist

Detroit, MI— Rep. Rashida Tlaib recently sparked a new controversy where she is feuding with the Detroit Police Department after suggesting that only African-American analysts should be allowed to operate facial recognition software.  “You know what? And also, analysts need to be African-American, not people that are not,” Rep. Tlaib said to Chief James Craig.  “I think non-African-Americans think all

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Project Veritas Under Censorship Attack By Google/Youtube After Exposing Their Election Meddling Against Trump

On Monday, Project Veritas broke the story exposing Google censorship against conservatives, specially Trump Supporters, to meddle in the 2020 presidential elections in favor of Democrats. Within hours of uploading the 30 minute video report, YouTube removed the video from their platform. In the video from Project Veritas, James O’Keefe interviewed an anonymous former Google informant who exposed documents and

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Trump’s Most Recent Accuser Calls Rape ‘Sexy’ During CNN Interview

Today, during a recent interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Trump’s accuser, E. Jean Carroll, was invited to respond on Trump’s comments where he said she wasn’t his type. Instead, the interview took a bizarre turn when Ms. Carroll called rape “sexy” which including Cooper had to cut to commercial break. E. Jean Carroll seemed to be all over the

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The Chicago Police Department Releases Multiple Videos Of The Smollett Case Including Body-Cam Of Jussie With Noose Around His Neck

CHICAGO, IL.– In the wake of tension between the Chicago Police Department and Jussie Smollett getting off the hook after conducting a false hate crime hoax against himself, the CPD decided to release 70 hours worth of video footage from the night when Smollett was allegedly attacked. In the first video below we see when police responded to the 911

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