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The Chicago Police Department Releases Multiple Videos Of The Smollett Case Including Body-Cam Of Jussie With Noose Around His Neck

CHICAGO, IL.– In the wake of tension between the Chicago Police Department and Jussie Smollett getting off the hook after conducting a false hate crime hoax against himself, the CPD decided to release 70 hours worth of video footage from the night when Smollett was allegedly attacked. In the first video below we see when police responded to the 911

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Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx Subpoenaed For Mishandling The Jussie Smollett’s Hate Crime Hoax

On Friday, April 26th, it was reported by the Chicago Sun-times that Chicago’s State Attorney Kim Foxx had been subpoenaed for mishandling the Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax in an unprofessional manor. After the “Empire” actor was charged with 16 counts of orderly misconduct for filing a false police report with Chicago Police, an emergency hearing was held at a

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Be Proud to Celebrate Your Faith This Easter Weekend

All over the world people are celebrating this Holy weekend of Easter.  Churches will be filled with people who are attending ceremonies through Good Friday and Easter.  Some of the church goers are regulars that go every week, while many others are passive attendees who only come out for the major religious holidays.  Regardless of the frequency of those coming

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AND ANOTHER ONE: PayPal Bans Comedian Owen Benjamin From Using Their Services.

On Wednesday morning, the Comedian Owen Benjamin announced via his YouTube channel that PayPal had banned him from using their platform. The left over money that remains in Benjamin’s PayPal account will be held for 180 days before he is able to withdraw it. In 2017, Benjamin became a right-wing comedian after he spoke out against transgender children calling it

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Cher Retracts Her Original Views On Illegal Immigration And Now Agrees With Trump’s MAGA?

On Sunday, the Hollywood singer Cher posted a contradicting tweeted that surprised most Trump supporters. After the continuous controversy of President Trump demanding Sanctuary cities and states take in illegal immigrants, Cher opposed the President’s suggestion claiming that her city of Los Angeles “Isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. People

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Candace Owens Absolutely Destroys Rep. Nadler And Rep. Lieu In One Shot

On Tuesday, Candace Owens appeared before the House Intelligence Committee as a witness to testify on current hate crime events. Candace Owens is a newly right-wing conservative that left the Democratic party in 2016 and now leads the “BLEXIT” movement. The committee obtained a clip of Owens where the Democrats members suggested that she was defending Adolf Hitler and that’s

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