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Chicago Cancels St. Patrick’s Day Parade For The First Time In 177 Years Following Coronavirus Pandemic

On Wednesday March 11th, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced her decision to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day parade to prevent further spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Mayor Lightfoot, along side with Governor of Illinois Jay R. Pritzker, held a press conference to deliver the devastating news to postpone a 177 year old tradition where the is a parade, the Chicago

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The Media Lies About Donald Trump Jr. Getting ‘Booed’ and ‘Heckled’ At UCLA With Turning Point USA

Los Angeles, CA.– On Sunday, November 10th, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk on stage to promote his new book “Triggered” at UCLA. While it was expected for there to be left wing protesters at the event, it took a different turn when conservatives known as “Groypers” disrupted the speech after it was announced that

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UPDATE: Senator Sanders Experienced A Heart Attack And Not Angina, As We Were Told

Las Vegas, NV.– On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders was hospitalized in Las Vegas, Nevada, after experiencing chest discomfort. The campaign staff formerly announced that the Democratic candidate had experience Angina, intense chest pains that are related to the heart muscle that can’t get enough oxygen-rich blood. Therefore, two stents were placed in Bernie’s heart to keep the the blood flow

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Detroit Police Chief Slams Rep. Rashida Tlaib After She Goes Full Racist

Detroit, MI— Rep. Rashida Tlaib recently sparked a new controversy where she is feuding with the Detroit Police Department after suggesting that only African-American analysts should be allowed to operate facial recognition software.  “You know what? And also, analysts need to be African-American, not people that are not,” Rep. Tlaib said to Chief James Craig.  “I think non-African-Americans think all

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Bernie Sanders Hospitalized After Heart Complications Yet Refuses To Drop Out Of The 2020 Democratic Presidential Race

On Wednesday morning, Senator Bernie Sanders, 78, was rushed to the hospital after he experienced chest discomfort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sanders had a blocked artery and is currently in stable conditions after the surgery where two stents were placed to keep the blood flow. Senior Advisor Jeff Weaver statement: During a campaign event yesterday evening, Senator Sanders experienced some

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Mueller To Testify In Front Of Congress Regarding Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Elections

On Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller agreed to testify before Congress on July 17 regarding his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The subpoenas were issued by the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committee. House Representative Nadler was the first to announce the scheduled date of the hearing. I am pleased to announce that @HouseJudiciary and House

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