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Be Proud to Celebrate Your Faith This Easter Weekend

All over the world people are celebrating this Holy weekend of Easter.  Churches will be filled with people who are attending ceremonies through Good Friday and Easter.  Some of the church goers are regulars that go every week, while many others are passive attendees who only come out for the major religious holidays.  Regardless of the frequency of those coming

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“Isms” All Too Often Used to Shut Down Intelligent Debate Before It Begins

There are scores of people who are angry just for the sake of being angry.  Front and center among the these groups of people are the ones who can’t really explain why they are angry, all they know is that they are angry.  If asked where the anger comes from, you’ll most often hear negative comments about the government, our

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FIU College Students Support Socialist Philosophy…Until It Will Penalize Them

A YouTube video is making the rounds that shows reporter Cabot Phillips of going up to college students on the campus of Florida International University (FIU) and he asks them about their support of socialism.  The students highlighted in the video discuss how they would rather have socialism in America than capitalism.  The talking points of those in power who support

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Life Lessons Not Being Taught to American Children

If you spend 5 minutes near a playground, a mall, or any of the other locations where grade school and high school kids congregate you will see the full scale epidemic of bad behavior and disrespect being displayed our nation’s youth.  In many instances kids unfortunately aren’t being taught morals, decency, and respect at home and that is a huge problem that

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Reducing America’s Collective Intelligence, One TV Show at a Time

Most Americans watching daytime television don’t truly notice what is happening.  The airwaves during the day are filled with “Maury”,”Jerry Springer”, “The Steve Wilkos Show”, and various other forms of so-called TV entertainment that show supposedly real people dealing with some of the most absurd situations possible.  If you want to change the channel away from the drama stories that those

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