The Patriotic Pundits was born to the free country of the United States of America in 2019. Our goal is to bring a new and fresh perspective of news right to your device. As patriots of this great nation, we saw the need to stand and defend our country from the ruthless propaganda dividing We The People. This is not about us versus them, this is about the truth versus lies. This is why Yvette Munoz could no longer sit and watch how the culture war destroyed the American values that we once held dearly. Today, we ask for your support by sharing our work with your friends and family as we stand strong to defend our freedom through the mighty pen.

Our team are average Americans who love our first and second amendment along with the rest of our constitution. As Americans, it is our duty to defend this nation from enemies foreign and domestic. We hope to grow not only in your hearts but team wise where we are able to cover multiple angles of the latest news to keep you updated. We can only continue to grow with your support. We stand with every American, including those who we disagree with. We stand for the right to freedom, so help me God.

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Founder of The Patriotic Pundits 
Yvette Munoz