MSNBC Banned From Entering The Kenosha Courthouse After Attempting To Dox Jury

On Thursday morning during the 3rd day of the Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial deliberation, Judge Bruce Schroeder gave a brief announcement in his courtroom regarding a disturbing incident where an MSNBC “journalist” illegally followed the jury bus and violating a traffic control signal attempting to take video and photography of the jury’s location. The “journalist” was identified as James J Morrison and also told police that he was instructed to take this action by his supervisor Irene Byon from New York.

I have instructed that no one from MSNBC news will be permitted in this building, for the duration of this trial,” Judge Bruce Schroeder said. Following a jury bus is an “extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities.”

Within minutes of this announcement, Irene Byon took down her twitter and LinkedIn account but we were able to save a screenshot of her LinkedIn. Although Judge Schroeder said he was still looking into the matter, it does not look good for the MSNBC network that Byon is taking this action.

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for murder after he defended himself with and AR-15 rifle during the Kenosha riots in the summer of 2020. The jury has been facing a tremendous amount of pressure by the media and daily “Black Lives Matter” protests outside the court room to convict Rittenhouse. Including Judge Schroeder has received numerous death threats via email during this trial which has lead him to consider whether or not he will allow future televised trials in his court room after he has been accused of being a white supremacist by the mainstream media. However, this time MSNBC went too far with their scare tactics.

Update: According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, NBC News released a statement that read: “Last night, a freelancer received a traffic citation. While the traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations, and never photographed or intended to photograph them. We regret the incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any investigation.”

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