The Surprise Speaker Of AFPAC Has Been Revealed As Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar

Orlando, FL.- Today, a new uprising group of conservatives are hosting their second annual America First conference known as AFPAC. It is taking place at the same time as CPAC is hosting their phony conservative inc. event in Orlando, Florida.

AFPAC has given a home to right-wing dissidents who were outcast by organizations such as Turning Point USA, Fox New and including politicians, to name a few.

A group of pro-America First speakers are scheduled to speak this weekend. The list of speakers consist of:

  • Vincent James host of The Red Elephant on
  • Jon Miller Reporter for The Blaze
  • Nick J Fuentes host of America First on
  • Michelle Malkin Author and Contributor for Newmax
  • Steve King Former Representative of Iowa
  • Paul Gosar Representative of Arizona (Surprise speaker)

A movement of true conservatism searching for order within the United States of America is not going down without a fight. This is a Christian movement that is not satisfied with a few talking points from the same right-wing people that often side with the degenerate left-wing who want to push confusion, mental illness and “America Last” agendas in order to benefit their own pockets. This America First movement does not have a price, it’s here to stay and it will cleanse the Republican party from the corrupt politicians that gatekeep America-loving patriots who want to get in political office to help their fellow Americans.

You can watch every AFPAC speaker give their live speech on

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