The Million MAGA March Was Only The Beginning: Protests At Every State’s Capitol Will Continue Until The Election Has Been Certified

The Million MAGA March or March For Trump this past Saturday the 14th was a complete success. Over 500,000 Trump voters attended the march at Washington DC with less than a week of planning. The truth is, the Million MAGA March was only the beginning of this war to keep President Trump in office and avoid getting another establishment puppet. We won this battle after breaking the algorithms from Big Tech that continued to shut us down from using their platforms in order to organize this peaceful revolutionary movement, but this war is far from over. We have an important battle we are currently fighting and that’s in Georgia’s Capitol building this week.

This week the protests in Georgia will be lead by Nick J. Fuentes, host of America First, with the help of Info Wars.

The Georgia’s elected officials plan to allocate their electoral votes for Joe Biden and certify their election this Thursday at 5 o’clock. After pretending to complete an audit of legal votes and after finding another load of boxes filled with ballots, it is not prudent for Trump voters to allow these fraudulent government officials to continue to push us around. They think we are not paying attention. They think we are still listening to the legacy media who have already decided to report that Joe Biden won the presidential election when we know that it is not over until every elector from each state has certified it.

Everyday at noon for at least a week straight, patriots plan to gather at every state’s capitol, in particular in swing states where it is critical and where ballots continue to appear. This week the main target is Georgia State.

Make sure to come prepared to peacefully protest like we did today. If you are unable to attend any of the protests, make sure to share what’s happening so we can break the algorithms once again. Make sure to contact all the state’s representatives from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada. Let them know that we are on to them and we know what they are up to.

It is also important to put pressure on the RINO Republicans who have not done a thing to lift a finger for President Trump, but instead want the President to stop fighting and concede.

  • Dan Crenshaw
  • Nikki Haley
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Marco Rubio
  • Kevin McCarthy

These are some of the Republicans, to name a few. Moreover, Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA, Ben Shapiro and his employees at the Dailywire, and Dennis Prager with Prager U should also be pressured into getting boots on the streets and demand an audit. It is time for action and it is time to demand the so-called right wing conservative leaders to join us now when we need them most or be our enemies forever. Today we will always remember who was there to back us and who turned their backs on us.

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