Former TPUSA President Banned From Using PayPal After Attending The Million MAGA March In DC

Jaden McNeil on the left of Nick J. Fuentes giving a speech at the Million MAGA March in DC on 11/14/20

On Monday, two days after attending the Million MAGA March in DC, Jaden McNeil was permanently banned from using PayPal without giving him any explanation as to why the payment processor came to that conclusion.

McNeil posted a screenshot of the message received by PayPal with a caption “PayPal just banned me. Fuck Big Tech.”

Big Tech did not just stop at banning Jaden McNeil from PayPal, but also from using Streamlabs and Tiktok for being an influential supporter of President Donald Trump.

Michelle Malkin, who is a well respected researcher, activist and “mommy” of the America First movement, raised awareness about the continuous unjust behavior from Big Tech towards right wing people. Malkin tagged the President on her post since he has retweeted her before. “This is what happens to young America First men who stand up publicly for [President Trump] & rally to [stop the steal]. Antifa/BLM doxxing & deplatforming Million MAGA March attendees.” She ended her post calling out on the GOP and Neo-Conservatives who left behind President Trump and American citizens that got them elected in the first place.

Jaden McNeil is a patriotic activist who gained full recognition in the America First movement back in late 2019 after resigning his position as a TPUSA (Turning Point USA) President at the Kansas State University. In fact, Jaden hit the one-year anniversary on October of this year and decided to share the letter of resignation once more.

Jaden ended his allegiance with Turning Point USA after the “Groyper Wars” begin gaining momentum during Charlie Kirks “Culture Wars” tour. During Kirk’s tour around college campuses where he allegedly promoted conservative ideas, Kirk was challenged by Christian conservatives about his true values where Kirk was forced to retract some of his stances such as “stapling green cards to diplomas” to H-1b visa students even if they did not hold any loyalty to the USA.

A brief summary of Jaden’s letter talks about some of the many reason that lead him to make the decision to quit Kirk’s organization: Obstruction of free speech, acceptance and promotion of homosexuality/drag queens, lack of defense for conservatives such as Nick Sandmann, and the firing of Ashley StClair as Brand Ambassador for taking a picture with Nick J. Fuentes (guilt by association). Nevertheless, what pushed McNeil over the edge was the fact that Turning Point USA does not promote the true values that a Christian such as McNeil can relate to.

Jaden McNeil is a gamer and content creator frequently streaming on

Short clip of Jaden McNeil’s speech at the Million MAGA March in DC.

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