BREAKING: Group of Pro-Trump Protesters Storm The State’s Capitol Of Georgia To Stop The Certification Of Their Electoral Votes

Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes standing in front of a crowd at the Georgia’s Sate Capitol

Today at noon, Alex Jones, Nick J. Fuentes, and Ali Alexander, along with a crowd of at least a couple of hundred protesters, stormed into the Georgia’s State Capitol to take part of the ongoing “Stop The Steal” protests that have been taking place throughout the nation on every state’s capitols and in particular, in the swing states where there have been alleged voter fraud against President Trump.

According to Nick J. Fuentes, the host of America First, he has plans to stay in Georgia protesting the unjust “audit” that was not exactly a legal audit because Democrats continue to count votes without any Republican poll watchers’ presence. Fuentes will lead the protests until Saturday but expects the residents of Georgia to continue the pushback.

“On Thursday, Georgia state election officials plan to certify the results of the election after their recount is completed at 5 o’clock. We can’t let that happen because they can’t certify the results until there’s an audit of the ballots.” Fuentes told his viewers during last night’s show.

They still don’t know how many ballots there are because they keep finding ballots and recounting the illegal votes and mixing them with the legal votes.

The right wing protesters continue their protest outside the state’s capitol as of right now.

Georgia is the state that claimed that they were unable to finish the count on election night due to a “leak” because a pipe allegedly burst. However, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), there was no evidence that such leak took place. In the age of technology, not a single person took pictures or video of the leak to prove it ever happened. In fact, a text message reveals that there was no provable reason to stop the count on election night since there was no damage done by this so-called bursted pipe.

The story was reported by The Gateway Pundit.

The protests are not over until President Trump gets the fair audit that he and his supporters have been asking for and not the phony recounts that has been used as “audits.” You can join any of the protest at your nearest state’s capitol and specially at swing states everyday at noon. You can also call and email the legislators to demand transparency.

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