Screw Your “Unity”

I don’t want the Democrat version of “unity”. No sane American wants it. That’s because it’s not unity, it’s obedience. The country watched these nutjobs melt down for the last four years. After all of the tantrums which include rioting and destroying areas of major cities, the infamous CHOP Zone, repeated calls for violence against anyone who disagrees with them and now the rampant election fraud taking place, they expect everyone to just hold hands and “heal” under the watchful guidance of a senile child groper. They can take their “unity” and “healing” and wrap it around the largest barrel cactus they can find, then shove up their fourth point of contact. The Democrats have shown us their true colors. They have shown us their real Communist ideals. They want you to shut up and submit to their glorious, enlightened superiority. Don’t take my word for it though, here are some examples of their own admissions of this. The glorious Commisars have spoken.

Typical Commie calling for her oponents to have gulag reservations made for them.

Abrams worked for former Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg

These commies want you on a list. They want to document you for attack later. If they had their way, you’d be sent to a gulag and never seen again. They are the tyrants they accuse others of being, but that is the leftist playbook.

Speaking of the Trump Accountability Project, the link to the website has been embedded in the image below so you can see for yourself.

Just in case the site goes down to hide what they’re doing, here’s a screenshot of the home page

Just read the intro statement on the home page. It sounds like something straight out of Orwell’s 1984. These are the deranged psychos who want power over you. They want to control your speech, your opinions, your thoughts. They want to control your life. They’re attempting to steal an election for the Biden Crime Family and telling you to just accept the results and concede. The Left never had any intention of allowing a second term for President Trump and they’re willing to go to any extreme to prevent it. They were caught red-handed by Michael Anton in his terrific piece “The Coming Coup” which you can read here. In his article he exposes the Transition Integrity Project . The folks he exposed were not happy and the backlash Mr. Anton experienced was typical of the unhinged Left, including a tweet from Nils Gilman who is a top figure for the TIP who likened Mr. Anton to Robert Brasillach.

Robert Brasillach was a French author and journalist who was executed by firing squad in 1945. Go figure, a radical leftist calling for someone to be killed for exposing his schemes. I think Mr. Gilman should seek psychiatric help, but that’s soley my personal opinion. It’s also my opinion that Nils Gilman and his cohorts be charged with sedition against the United States. That goes for the spineless former military officers and Never-Trump Republicans who work with him.

Here are some examples of the leftist mindset.

Tim Kaine Calls for Fights in the Street

Lorretta Lynch Calls for Violence

Snoop Dogg “executes” Trump Clown in Rap Video

Antifa Destroys Businesses in Portland

Riots in DC after President Trumps Inauguration

The mainstream media has been complicit in all of this. They’re no longer the objective journalists they used to be, but are now a propaganda tool for the Democrats. The media protects them and attacks anyone who questions the narrative; it’s essentially a rabid dog on the DNC’s leash. If you offend them they’ll blackmail and smear you like CNN did to a Redditor back in 2017. You can read about that debacle here and also here . Even Fox News, once considered by many to be a bastion of conservative leaning content shot itself in the foot with it’s election coverage. The era of Legacy Media is over. We watched on election night as the mainstream media attempted to skew the election in Joe Biden’s favor, awarding him states he hadn’t yet won and withholding states from Trump. While the media doesn’t determine the election, they do, however, present the results to the public and when they present misleading or false numbers, they damage the credibility of the election. Now neither side will be able to accept the actual results regardless of which candidate wins. As it stands at the moment there is no declared winner since the Electors don’t meet until December 14th. This endangers the public by opening the door for further civil unrest, yet the media doesn’t care because they surrendered their integirty years ago.

For years conservatives viewed liberals as genuinely good people who had some bad ideas or were maybe misguided. We’ve tried to remain civil and give them the benefit of the doubt. We have to stop that. We have to accept the reality that these progressive leftists are not the JKF Democrats. We have to acknowledge they are just bad people. We have to recognize them for the neo-communists they are and that they want to tear our nation down and rebuild it into their socialist utopia. They want criminals to roam free and unimpeded, murder babies in the womb, destroy the idea of the American Dream and sell us out to globalists who would see us under the heel of the UN. Their “unity” is nothing less than your total and absolute subservience. If you don’t comply they’ll cancel you, destroy your reputation, or turn their Antifa jackboots on you. You know Antifa; the swarms of depraved fascists who run around assaulting anyone with a differing opinion like the good little brown shirts they are. They want the U.S. to become one big Portland. I don’t want unity with communists. I don’t want unity with people who would drag my family into the streets and beat them to death or people who would ship me off to a “reeducation camp” if given the power. I don’t want unity with the party of pedophiles and violent thugs. Screw them and their “unity”. If they want a fight, we should give it to them.

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