AirBnb Is Cancelling Reservations And Banning People Who They Profile As Trump Supporters Attending The Million MAGA March In DC

This week AirBnb cancelled multiple reservations and shut down their users accounts. Yahoo News reported that “Airbnb accidentally cancelled bookings made by its users due to an internal glitch.” Multiple users took it to Twitter to complain about the lack of customer support and refusal from the Big Tech company to refund its customers.

However, the other side of the story is that Airbnb intentionally wanted to ban right wing users who were attending the Million MAGA March this Saturday the 14th and accidentally also banned people nationwide. It is unclear what the exact total of people were affected by the “internal glitch” or if this technical issue happened worldwide. What we do know is that Airbnb specifically targeted a group of people who booked a place in Washington DC this weekend.

Airbnb responded to multiple of left wing accounts on Twitter who tagged the Big Tech company reporting the right wing people who had openly advertised their reservation with Airbnb in order to attend the pro-Trump march.

On Wednesday, November the 11th, Airbnb replied to a Twitter user with the handle name “We Will Be Ruthless,” where the user tagged the company asking what they thought about the right wing group, Proud Boys, using their platform. Airbnb then replied, “We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Anyone affiliated with hate groups has no place on Airbnb. We’ve identified the reservation, cancelled it, and banned the user from our platform.”

Is it truly a coincidence that this was just an internal “glitch” from the Big Tech company when they openly admit their actions and bias via social media? Why is it always a glitch when it comes to trying to stop right wing activism? Perhaps the same people managing the voting software in Michigan where thousands of votes were “mistakenly switched” from Trump to Biden are using the same magical software for Airbnb.

This is another tactic from Big Tech to demoralize Trump supporters from fighting back and standing up for their believes. Will this dirty tactic still stop you from standing up for your country that is on the verge of becoming a total Communist take over? I hope not. Our Forefathers went through greater length of disparities to build the greatest nation on Earth only for us to give up and let them down because a few obstacles got in our way. Attend the march and sleep in your car if you have to, but don’t let anyone break your spirit.

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