Thousands Of Trump Supporters Will Participate At ‘The Million Maga March’ In Washington D.C. Against Voter Fraud And In Favor Of President Donald J. Trump

In the wake of the current election circumstances where we have yet to find out who the President-elect of the United States of America will be, many of President Trump’s loyal supporters are not willing to go down without a fight until a presidential candidate, either Trump or Biden, has been inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. This is a last minute call for all Americans to join the Million MAGA March rally in Washington D.C. this 14th of November to stop the ongoing count of ballots that have been received and counted in some states after election night.

Nick Fuentes, the host of the most popular show called “America First,” was the first to begin spreading the word about the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C. The march will start at SCOTUS at noon and will end at the White House.

American treasure, Alex Jones, has confirmed that he will be present at the march this Saturday. Alex Jones, who was simultaneously purged from all major social media platforms in August 2018, has made a comeback on alternative social medias, and now is taking it to the streets. He attended the Arizona “Stop The Steal” rally outside the Maricopa County election center on Thursday, November 5th.

Although Mike Cernovich did not directly mention the Million MAGA March, he did tweet “D.C. this weekend?” which seems to be a reference to the rally taking place in D.C.

The Queen of America First, Michelle Malkin, retweeted Canadian journalist and activist Faith Goldy’s tweet promoting the march in D.C. Michelle Malkin is currently working at Newsmax network after being outcast by Fox News for her speech at CPAC in 2019 calling out the Neo-Cons, including “the ghost of John McCain.” After she was pressured by Fox New’s Jesse Waters to apologize, Malkin refused to retract her speech, which resulted in getting banned by Fox News channel and CPAC.

Soon after the hashtag “Million MAGA March” was trending on Twitter, D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser imposed new Coronavirus restrictions for people who want to visit the nation’s capital. States like Maryland, Virginia, Vermont and Hawaii are exempt from the restrictions. It would be easy to believe that her decision is only a coincidence after millions of Trump voters refuse to stay home with crossed arms posting their frustration on the same social media platforms that continue to censor them.

Despite the DC’s Mayor attempts to discourage Trump supporters from peacefully assembling in the nation’s capital, Fox New’s Sean Hannity helped amplify the last minute march that will be taking place in D.C.

Sean Hannity, who is a close friend and loyal supporter of the President risked his entire career in 2016 for President Trump and it seems he is willing to do it once again in 2020.

Mayor of D.C. Muriel Browser has shown her hypocrisy like a typical Democrat after traveling to Delaware state to celebrate the projected victory of Former Vice President Joe Biden after restricting others from traveling to D.C. without a negative Covid test. Delaware was one of the many states restricted in her list of states that need at least 72 hours or a negative Covid test before their residents could travel to D.C. However, she is not taking into consideration that people are done with the double standards.

Once Biden was declared the President-elect by the legacy media, hundreds of misinformed people, who do not know how elections work, decided to disregard the pandemic by taking their celebration to the streets without any social distancing into consideration.

The Mayor of D.C. has no authority to enforce her last minute made up restrictions to Americans who travel within their own country. Perhaps her only way to enforce her authoritarian rules is by airline travel. However, the people who wish to practice their first Amendment right to peacefully assemble can travel by road.

If you are one of the many Americans attending the “Million MAGA March” this Saturday, take the Covid test in different locations until you get the negative results you need to travel by airline.

President Trump has fought for you, me and this entire nation. It is time we peacefully fight for him. Share the news with neighbors and friends. Perhaps you can not make it to this last minute rally, but your friends and family might be able to attend.

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