The Media Lies About Donald Trump Jr. Getting ‘Booed’ and ‘Heckled’ At UCLA With Turning Point USA


Los Angeles, CA.– On Sunday, November 10th, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk on stage to promote his new book “Triggered” at UCLA. While it was expected for there to be left wing protesters at the event, it took a different turn when conservatives known as “Groypers” disrupted the speech after it was announced that the Q&A had been canceled.

At one point while Donald Trump Jr. had the microphone he stated, “we are willing to listen,” and the crowd immediately chanted “Q&A, Q&A!” and later the chant turn into “America first!” Donald Trump Jr. then accused the chanting audience of only attempting to get soundbites through illegitimate questions. It was hypocritical giving the fact that throughout the speech, Kimberly and Donald were giving credit to Charlie Kirk for embracing freedom of speech while at the same time shutting down dialog at their event.

One of the things that stood out was Kimberly Guilfoyle insulting President Trump’s supporters by telling them they couldn’t get laid or make their parents’ proud simply for requesting to have the Q&A back on track. This disrespectful insult was un-called for, but most importantly, it was ironic that the book called “Triggered” was being promoted while at the same Guilfoyle was extremely triggered. After 30 minutes into the speech, the event ended when Donald Trump Jr., Charlie Kirk and Kimberly Guilfoyle walk off the stage after the boo’s did not stop.

Nicholas J. Fuentes is the mastermind behind the Groyper movement and took it to twitter to say, “It didn’t have to be like this Charlie.” All of these chaos could have been prevented if only Charlie Kirk would have debated Nicholas J. Fuentes about America’s needs instead of dismissing him as a “troll”.

What these Groypers want to hear about are demographics, foreign policies and traditional values that have been extinct for far too long in the United States causing most of the chaos to rise since the 1960’s.

The media decided to finally report on the disturbance during the Turning Point USA events as if the young Trump Supporters were actually booing Donald Trump Jr. when in reality the boo’s were directed at Charlie Kirk for being a hypocrite. Mr. Kirk claims to be a beacon of the first amendment while shutting down his attendees’ freedom to interact with him on topics he may disagree with. However, when it comes to left wing voters, Charlie Kirk has no problem debating their ideas anytime, anywhere; Unfortunately, it can not be said the same with true conservatives that want to remain in the tradition of true Christian Conservative values.

A group of young conservatives, mainly from the Zoomer generation follow Nicholas J. Fuentes, who call themselves “Groypers” have been attending multiple events asking questions that have been deemed taboo by the conservative establishment. Although these are young Americans who support President Trump’s “America First” agenda, political pundits such as Ben Shapiro, Sebastian Gorka, and Matt Walsh, and others, have smeared these patriots as Neo-Nazis, White Supremacist, alt-right and anti-semites. But why exactly would mainstream conservatives reject these young Christian patriots by smearing them with such disgusting labels?

In recent events, mainstream conservatives have been canceling and “vetting” their Q&A sessions after Charlie Kirk was met with “difficult” questions during his “Culture War” tour. It all started at Politicon 2019 when Nicholas J. Fuentes tried to attend Charlie Kirk’s debate with Kyle Kulinski but was stopped at the door per Kirk’s orders.

The security personal were asked by Fuentes as to why he was being singled out if he was a paying customer. The security responded “because you will be disruptive.” “I won’t be disruptive… can you remove me if I’m disruptive?” Fuentes asked. However, security were not there to negotiate since they had direct orders not to let in Fuentes into the specific debate between Kirk and Kulinski.

As Nicholas J. Fuentes attempts to get a picture with Charlie Kirk, security quickly stopped Fuentes from going anywhere near Kirk.

One can only safely assume that Kirk does not want to take a picture with Fuentes because his donors disapprove of his political view and instead want to pretend that Nicholas J. Fuentes does not exist.

Prior to the Politicon event and the current Groyper wars, Turning Point USA fired their Ambassador Ashley StClair (Jewish woman) for being in the same room and taking a picture with Nicholas J. Fuentes. Although Fuentes and StClair disagree on many issues, Kirk was not willing to risk any association with Fuentes. In one picture, Fuentes has StClair in a headlock and in the other, there is a group of conservatives in which some have Jewish heritage.

Screenshot_20191112-125741_Samsung Internet


Screenshot_20191112-125855_Samsung Internet

On Monday evening, Nicholas J. Fuentes had the larges audience yet at his “America First” show on his YouTube channel. 12,500 viewers watched live after making headlines in the fake news media claiming that Donald Trump Jr. was booed by Groypers. No, the only person being booed off his own event was Charlie Kirk for being a coward and running away from questions by cancelling the Q&A. As Fuentes said, this will not stop until he is shut down through a civil debate with Charlie Kirk or any mainstream Conservative Inc.

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