Conservatives Clean Up Democratic Cities While Liberal Climate Change Protesters ‘Twerk’ |Analysis


In recent days, climate change has become the hot political topic labeled as the “most existential threat” in the world by Democrats and liberal activists. But exactly how do we stop the climate from changing if it is part of nature? In fact, the climate always changes since the beginning of the “Big Bang.”  Democrats often attempt to convince the voters and tax-paying residents that Climate Change can be stopped if we throw money to the organizations of their choice.  However, the Climate Change activists say that to stop Climate Change we must change our behaviors including no longer eating meat.

Los Angeles, CA.- On Saturday the 21st of September, a well known conservative activist, Scott Presler ( #ThePersistence on Twitter), decided to clean up a homeless camp along with 200 volunteers of which majority are Trump supporters. With hard work and team effort, 50 tons of garbage were removed within 9-hours. This was not the first time that Scott Presler and conservative volunteers had cleaned up a dumping ground in a Democratic city.

In July, when President Trump directed his attention on Baltimore as he criticized the district of career politician, Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, for having the a dirty county infested with rats and garbage, Scott Presler decided to head over to Baltimore and clean up the streets. An army of volunteers decided to join Presler in his mission to help his fellow American brothers and sisters live in a safe and clean environment that their local government failed to provide for them for decades. Residents of the district were surprised to find out that the people coming to the rescue were in fact Trump voters. Presler and team cleaned up at least 7 tons of garbage and promised to return to Baltimore for the second time to help clean up in mid September of 2019.

(The aftermath of the clean up in Los Angeles homeless camp):

While Presler is a conservative activist from Virginia that puts his money where his mouth is, unfortunately, we can not say the same for the majority of the climate change protesters who instead block roads by ‘twerking’ and throwing confetti. Every time climate change activists protest about the environment they end up leaving behind an enormous amount of trash. While the left wing activists continue to litter thousands of posters, they forget what paper and cardboard is made of: trees.  If only these protesters could actually use the time to clean up their own communities and plant trees in their backyards the world would be a much different place.

Another recent phenomenon is the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. Greta has become an overnight sensation traveling with the speed of light around the United States.  Thunberg is giving speeches about how she is a victim of fear of Climate Change. What she fails to mention is the fact that she has boarded dozens of airplanes to speak against contaminating the planet while she herself is doing so. Greta seems like a brave teenage girl speaking freely in a country that has the least pollution and protects freedom of speech. However, when it comes to top polluters in the world, not even CNN can deny the fact that the United States of America is one of the few cleanest countries in the world while the continent of Asia ranks as the most polluted. Greta should consider going to the China and India to lecture them about their ways of life. I don’t think Asia will welcome her with open arms when she tells them to do as she says just like she has been doing so in the United States of America and at the United Nations.

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