Project Veritas Under Censorship Attack By Google/Youtube After Exposing Their Election Meddling Against Trump


On Monday, Project Veritas broke the story exposing Google censorship against conservatives, specially Trump Supporters, to meddle in the 2020 presidential elections in favor of Democrats. Within hours of uploading the 30 minute video report, YouTube removed the video from their platform.

In the video from Project Veritas, James O’Keefe interviewed an anonymous former Google informant who exposed documents and the way the algorithms were altered to determine what topics Google allowed the public to see.

YouTube is owned by Google and naturally negative criticism against them is rejected as “hate speech.” Jen Gennia is a top executive in the Google company that was caught on video admitting that Google/YouTube is doing everything in their power to stop President Trump another presidential term in 2020.

Fortunately for Americans, not everyone is in favor of monopolies from big tech tyrants who behave as moral arbitrators violating our first amendment right – freedom of speech. The next growing video social media is called that’s competing against YouTube censorship. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas join the Bitchute platform and uploaded the full report for those who wish to watch Google’s executives admitting to their evil deeds.

YouTube was not the only social media to censor Project Veritas after the terrifying discovery from big tech. The social media Reddit, a platform specifically to spread news information, banned Project Veritas the minute they attempted to upload their Google censorship report on their site.

On Monday after Jen Gennai learned about Project Veritas’s  report, Gennai wrote an Op-Ed on Medium where she described the situation as “scary.” However, Gennia, who holds the Google Head Of Innovation Responds position, did not deny the allegations from Project Veritas and instead wrote, “I was having a casual chat with someone at a restaurant and used some imprecise language. Project Veritas got me. Well done.”


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