The Chicago Police Department Releases Multiple Videos Of The Smollett Case Including Body-Cam Of Jussie With Noose Around His Neck

Screenshot_20190624-213825_Samsung Internet

CHICAGO, IL.– In the wake of tension between the Chicago Police Department and Jussie Smollett getting off the hook after conducting a false hate crime hoax against himself, the CPD decided to release 70 hours worth of video footage from the night when Smollett was allegedly attacked.

In the first video below we see when police responded to the 911 call and headed over to Smollett’s apartment the night of the attack. Smollett is seen standing in his kitchen with the noose around his neck and wearing the same clothing in which he said he was covered in bleach by the attackers.

Another video where the Osundairo brothers took a taxi on their way to meet Smollett was released. In the video, the brothers who helped Smollett stage the attack were wearing light colored hoodies.

A third video shows where the Osundairo brothers were greeted by CPD at the Chicago O’Hare airport after returning from a trip to Nigeria. The brothers were then handcuffed and taken into police custody for interrogation.

As we recall from the night of the attack in January of 2019,  Jussie Smollett had originally alleged that the attackers were two white man in ski masks wearing “Make America Great Again” caps as they yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him. The description of the two attackers were false since the attackers were actually two brothers of Nigerian origin.

The initial charges against the Empire actor Jussie Smollett were dropped by the Chicago State’s Prosecutor Kim Foxx. Despite the case being almost completely buried, a new special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the entire Smollett hate crime hoax from start to finish.


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