Analysis: Right and Left Wing Mainstream Media Pushing For War Against Iran For Potential Ratings


For the past week, the mainstream media has reported on the Japanese ship oil tanker bombings that occurred on June 13th in the Gulf of Oman. The articles published and coverage by the mainstream media continued to repeat the U.S. government narrative that the attacks were conducted by the Iranian government. The Iranian government denied the attacks and  Japan and several European countries sided with Iran.

On June 20, 2019, another attack took place but this time it was a US drone that was shot down by Iran. Iran confirmed the attack on the US drone as they claimed that it was on their side of the waters that cross the border line to Iran. This incident enraged many political pundits who called on President Trump to attack Iran. The US drone was a $200 million prototype spy plane. Whether it was flying on the side of Iran remains unclear.

List of warmongering propaganda pieces published include:

One of the articles that stood out the most was an Op-ed written by Jon Bolton titled “Opinion| To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.” The opinion piece was published by The New York Times on March 26, 2015. Bolton, who is a well known warmonger, attempted to make a case as to why the U.S. government should start another war in the Middle East to prevent certain Islamic nations from becoming destabilized by the hand of Iran. Everyone who has been paying attention to the current war in the Middle East understands that by taking out a nation’s leader it will only destabilize the country just like we saw happen in Iraq and Libya.

On June 16th, 2019, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace about the Iran incident. This video was down voted by majority of the people who watched the interview after noticing that Chris Wallace did not pressure Secretary Pompeo for evidence on claims that Iran was conducting the attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Chris Wallace: Do you have more evidence that you can share with us?

Secretary Pompeo: Chris, it’s unmistakable what happened here. These were attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran on commercial shipping on freedom of navigation with a clear intent to deny a transit through the strait… There’s no doubt. The CIA has lots of data – lots of evidence. The world will get to see much of it, but the American people should rest assured that we have high confidence with respect to who conducted these attacks as well as half-a-dozen of these attacks around the world over the past 40 days.

The list presented by Fox News as potential attacks made by Iran during the past month have all been “alleged” attacks, meaning there is no evidence Iran has actually done any of the attacks they are being accused of.


As much as the American people would love to trust the intelligence agencies like we did under President Bush, how can we trust Mike Pompeo, the same former CIA director who said, “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment“?

President Trump had originally ordered to attack Iran after they shot down a U.S. drone and at the last minute cancelled the strikes. According to the President, he was “cocked and loaded to retaliate” but killing 150 Iranians was not worth and unmanned U.S. drone. Not everyone is satisfied with the President’s decision.

Ben Shapiro is one of the most well known right wing commentators who has previously advocated for war against Iran. Whenever there is a chance to criticize the President, Mr. Shapiro from the Daily Wire show takes a shot at Trump even if it means favoring an endless war in the Middle East. Below is a tweet Ben Shapiro posted after President Trump decided to cancel strikes on Iran after shooting down a U.S. drone.

It is important to not blindly trust any media as both sides are infested with propaganda intended to keep the nation divided. Every night during its programming, Fox News attacks CNN and MSNBC and vice versa. Our own news sources that were meant to keep us informed are the ones misinforming us. Based on the language they use and the out of context clips they provided for us, it is important that we do our own research even if it may take longer than an hour worth of news. We need to keep in mind that the mainstream media outlets who receive corporate money are only showing us what will give them ratings. It is no secret that mainstream media often advocate for future chaos to have something to cover in exchange for views. It appears that may be the case with the constant push for war against Iran. Question everything.

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