The New York Times Retracts After Posting A Cartoon Of Blind Trump Being Guided By Dog That Resembled Israel PM Netanyahu


On Sunday, The New York Times issued an apology for publishing an article with a cartoon of a blind President Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke being guided by a dog that resembled the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a Star of David collar. Many on the right took this illustration as an anti-Semitic attack from The New York Times towards the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

The newspaper with the alleged anti-Semitic cartoon was published on April 25th. In the first statement The New York Times called the image “offensive” and “an error of judgment.” However, no official apology was mentioned.

The first statement released by The New York Times regarding the incident was disregarded by Kellyanne Conway as “disgusting, anti-Semitic.” Conway later added, “This is not an apology for promoting anti-Semitism. Apologies include words like “regret”, “sorry”, & wait for it – “apologize”.

Vice President Mike Pence also weighed in to condemn any anti-Semitism of all forms including the cartoon published by the news paper.

After the continued backlash against the unapologetic apology from The New York Times the newspaper finally published a statement via Twitter apologizing to anyone who was offended by the cartoon.

Some on the right wing raised concerns about the cartoon playing a role on radicalizing the latest Synagogue shooter in Poway, California, this Saturday April 27th. The shooter, who was known to be a radical white male, did not mention any connections to his actions with the article posted by The New York Times last Thursday.

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