Be Proud to Celebrate Your Faith This Easter Weekend


All over the world people are celebrating this Holy weekend of Easter.  Churches will be filled with people who are attending ceremonies through Good Friday and Easter.  Some of the church goers are regulars that go every week, while many others are passive attendees who only come out for the major religious holidays.  Regardless of the frequency of those coming out this weekend for religious celebration people should be able to embrace their religion and celebrate their faith.

There is nothing wrong with being Christian, just as there is nothing wrong with being Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or any of the religious traditions that preach of a higher entity that encourages us to live good lives while giving us the free will to choose how we act.  Faith is one of the things that keeps people going.  Faith extends outside of religion.  Most people have faith that no matter what hardships we are going through that eventually things will get better.  Most people have faith that if they treat others well that they themselves will be treated well.  Faith is the understanding that even though you may not be physically seeing the big picture at the moment that there is in fact a bigger picture and something out there that we can’t see is at work or is in the works, whether it be the person we pray to or some sort of future outcome of our lives.

I hope to be able to live a good life, have a good family, have success, be loved by others,  and leave this world a better place than I inherited it.   I have faith that every one of these things is attainable and will work out just as I hope.  Faith means I may not have every single one of those things at the moment but that in the future I will.  That faith helps keep me focused in life and helps to keep me grounded.  Religion is no different in that respect as it helps keep us grounded and keeps us focused on living a good life and knowing that there is something out there beyond what we can see with our eyes at the moment.

Tonight I will be attending Catholic Mass to celebrate the Easter holiday.  I will be surrounded by many others practicing their faith and celebrating the blessings we all have.  At the moment there are many people out there demonizing the Christian faith and those that choose to practice it.  Being a Christian isn’t a bad thing nor should it ever be.  I grew up going to church and Sunday School and many of the lessons I learned during those times have become core values that have shaped me into someone who always puts others first and tries to live life the right way.  I am in no way perfect but I do know for a fact that my religious teachings during my life have made me a better person.

Regardless of all of the outside noise this is a religious country, the majority of which follows some form of the Christian faith.  Most Americans are good and decent people and many of us have been shaped by the influences of the good teachings of the church.  Just as I mentioned religion shaping me into a better person I know there are millions upon millions of Americans that would relate to that sentiment.  Be proud of your faith and celebrate this weekend.  Most of all, have a happy, safe, and blessed Easter.


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