UPDATE: The Man Who Attempted To Conduct An Arson Attack On The St. Patrick’s Cathedral Has Been Identified


On Wednesday night, the NYPD apprehended a 37-year-old man who has been identified as Marc Lamparello, a Boston College-educated philosophy professor who has been involved in the Catholic Church in the past. Lamparello walked into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan with two cans of gasoline and lighters. According to Lamparello, he was cutting through the Cathedral to get to the a near gas station since his car ran out of gasoline; However, the NYPD has confirmed that his story was false after checking the man’s car an noticing he did not run of gasoline. Police described Lamparello as “emotionally disturbed person” that will be submitted for a psychiatric evaluation.

Authorities remain on guard at the scene to prevent any future tragedies.

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