Bill Donohue Blasts Fox News For Cutting Him Off On The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Speculations


On Tuesday, President of Catholic League Bill Donohue who’s been a guest contributor for Fox News on many occasion blasted the network for hanging up on him when he begin speculating on what might have caused the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday. When Donohue begin commenting on the ongoing attacks on Catholic churches in France, Neil Cavuto cut him off before he could finish his speculation. Although Donohue did not say who might have caused the blaze, it was certain that he was directing his criticism towards Muslim migrants who have contribute to most of the desecration of western culture in Europe.

Bill Donohue did not directly blame Neil Cavuto or Shepard Smith for hanging up on their guests after attempting to shine light on the current attacks in France since the Muslim migration started in Europe; However, Donohue blames the owners of Fox News for the recent censorship. “When I say it’s coming from the top, they did this all day on Fox. I got all kinds of phone calls from friends of mine, people who are at home, people who are retired. And they say this is the M.O. This is what Fox is doing. So this is coming from the corporate boys. This is not the same Fox News that it was under Roger Ailes. He would have never, ever have put up with this,” Donohue told 77 WABC’s Bernie and Sid in the Morning radio show.

In addition to Bill’s speculations, during lives streams of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire on social media, hundreds of viewers with Arab names were laughing while watching the blaze unleash. During a tragic time, what psychopaths laugh while watching something so horrific?

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