AND ANOTHER ONE: PayPal Bans Comedian Owen Benjamin From Using Their Services.


On Wednesday morning, the Comedian Owen Benjamin announced via his YouTube channel that PayPal had banned him from using their platform. The left over money that remains in Benjamin’s PayPal account will be held for 180 days before he is able to withdraw it.


In 2017, Benjamin became a right-wing comedian after he spoke out against transgender children calling it a form of child abuse. Hollywood turned their backs on him including his agent; It was at that point when he started his YouTube channel and spoke about every single topic that is currently considered a taboo to the mainstream.

This is not the first time that PayPal has ban people who are centrist or right-wing with provocative ideas. Many people including Lauren Southern, Alex Jones and Laura Loomer were banned from using PayPal, and like Owen, they unable to withdraw their remaining balance.

One of the most recent collaborations to silence conservatives with smears and financial attacks is PayPal and the SPLC group. SPLC focus on attacking the character of conservatives by labeling them as Nazis, white supremacists, and KKK’s, while PayPal uses those smear campaigns as an excuse to end their services with conservatives. The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “PayPal CEO Grapples With Fringe Groups,” where PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman confirmed our suspicions of using SPLC as a guide to blacklist anyone who does not agree with their version of “diversity” during this culture war. “There are those, both on the right and left, that help us,” Schulman said. “Southern Poverty Law Center has brought things. We don’t always agree. We have our debates with them.”


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