Fox News Contributes To Censoring French Guests On The Subject Of The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire


During the coverage of the catastrophic fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in France on Monday, April 15th, Fox News reported on the breaking news for hours and had guests to contribute on the story.  As it still remains unknown as to what might have started the fire on the historic Catholic church, some have speculated that perhaps it might have been an arson attack and not an accident, as it has been reported even before there was an investigation.

Shepard Smith shut down an interview with Philippe Karsenty after he suggested the fire could have been arson and rebuked Karsenty for speculating it may be related to months of arson attacks on French churches. Karsenty is a former elected official and media consultant, but that did not matter to Smith. However, Karsenty told the truth regarding the continuous attacks on Catholic churches all over France. Only 10 days prior to the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral, The UK Sun published an article confirming at least 875 arson and vandalism attacks on Catholic churches in France have occurred since the year of 2018.

Once again a guest contributor to Fox News was hung up on but this time by Neil Cavuto. Catholic League President Bill Donohue alleged suspicions of potential arson attacks since excrement and other forms of vandalism have taken place before. Cavuto did not want to hear about the speculations and decided to hang up on his guest instead. At this point, no one is taking Catholic Christians serious anymore or the attacks on their faith.

Early Tuesday morning, the French fire department concluded within hours that the fire was indeed an accident. Yet, a simple house fire can take up to months to determine what caused the flames. New theories were brought to the table after there has been a lack of trust in the French government since the Yellow Vest reporting has been suppressed along with other incidents. As the media reported live regarding no construction workers on site, there is video footage of people walking inside the upper level of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The media nor the government have addressed the images of the unknown person captured in the footage.

Europe has faced multiple terrorist attacks ever since mass Muslim migrations have entered the continent seeking refuge. The Muslim refugees were received with open arms by European leaders and prioritized them ahead of their own citizens. Of course, given the fact that the United State is the only country with a constitutional amendment that protects the freedom of speech, anyone who speaks against the European government agenda is to face negative repercussions, that includes criticizing Islam.

It is natural to question whether or not the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral was an “accident caused by construction” or intentional. After it was ruled to be an accidental fire, perhaps we will never know and the theories are now dead.

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