Trump Calls Out The Biased Leftist Media For Not Reporting On Obama’s White House Lawyer’s Indictment


On Thursday, former President Obama’s White House lawyer, Gregory B. Craig was indicted by a federal grand jury after it was known he worked with Ukraine in 2012 along with Paul Manafort. However, Mr. Manafort was the center of attention entire time as Mr. Craig was never mentioned by the media. Mr. Craig word for the Obama administration from 2009 to 2010 and had previously worked as Senior Legal Counsel for President Bill Clinton as well.

On Friday after the story broke, President Trump called out the expected biased from the mainstream media for not reporting on the indictment of Craig as the breaking news story that should’ve been. For far too long the media has ignored the deals done by Mr. Craig with the aid of Manafort, but this time President Trump will not let it slip and has shined the life on the matter.

Gregory B. Craig, who is now 74, is charged on two counts of false statements and scheme.

Below is the full indictment on Gregory B. Craig:

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