DEVASTATING: Historic French Notre Dame Cathedral Bursts Into Flames


At approximately 12:30 PM CT, breaking news reported on flames at a historic Cathedral in Paris, France. The Roman Catholic Church of Notre Dame unexpectedly began to burn, a fire that started on the rooftop. No injuries have been reported at the moment. It is unclear what might have caused the fire, however it is believed that the fire was accidentally caused by construction related to its renovation. It has been reported that the entire roof has collapsed. It is also reported that some people are running inside the Cathedral to save historic pieces of art.

Due to the fire, Prime Minister Macron cancelled his scheduled speech.

President Trump weighed in the situation imploring the French first responders that they “Must act quickly!”

The Notre Dame Cathedral is likely to collapse as it seems impossible to put out the fire. The Cathedral has survived for over 8 centuries. It was built in 1163 and finished about two centuries later in 1345. The Cathedral remained intact during the Nazi era but today it falls. The city of lights in Paris today will be dark.


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