Candace Owens Absolutely Destroys Rep. Nadler And Rep. Lieu In One Shot


On Tuesday, Candace Owens appeared before the House Intelligence Committee as a witness to testify on current hate crime events. Candace Owens is a newly right-wing conservative that left the Democratic party in 2016 and now leads the “BLEXIT” movement. The committee obtained a clip of Owens where the Democrats members suggested that she was defending Adolf Hitler and that’s when Democrats knew they “F-ed” up!

Rep. Lieu of California played a 30 second recording out of context where Candace Owens was asked about nationalism. Rep. Lieu made it seem as if Ms. Owens was in favor of Adolf Hitler.

And now, here we have an upcoming nuclear bomb about to go off! Candace Owens was then given the opportunity to respond the allegations of from Rep. Lieu. However, not only did she expose a sitting congress member as propagandists against one of their own American citizens, but two. Chairman Nadler lied about Ms. Owens within 5 seconds of her response. Chairman Nadler accused Owens of calling Rep. Lieu “stupid,” Owens set the record straight right then and there.

Candace Owens’ opening statement surly added to her remarkable aparience during her hearing. Ms. Owens, who had her grandfather sitting right behind her, talked about the fear-mongering offered by Democrats instead of solutions. “Let me be clear, the hearing today is not about ‘Whit Nationalism’ or hate crimes, it’s about fear-mongering, power and control. It’s a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy. Same as the 2016 election strategy,” Owens said during her opening statement.

Owens also mentioned how the media ignored violence caused by ANTIFA, which whom she had a confrontation with last year in Philadelphia. Owens shared her experience with the Committee, “If they actually cared about White Nationalism, they would be holding hearing on ANTIFA, a far-left violent white gang who determined one day in Philadelphia in August that I, a black woman was not fit to sit in restaurant. They chased me out, they yelled race traitor to a group of black and Hispanic police officers who formed a line to protect me from their on going assaults. They threw water on me, they threw eggs at me, and the leftist media remain silent on it.”

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