President Trump Visits Area Of The U.S. Southern Border Wall To Meet With Border Patrol


President Trump and his administration met with Border Patrol on Monday, April 8th, at the southern border to check out the new wall placed in parts of El Centro, California. The meeting addressed issues beyond just walls or fences but the endless dangers that come with open borders and inevitably ending in Anarchy combined with Communism creating an imbalance in a Republic-Democratic civilization, as we are experiencing today in the United States. Barriers are an important asset to Border Patrol in order to keep the frontier safe from trespassers who’s intentions are unknown to U.S. government. There is an illegal immigration crisis in the United States as thousands more travel in caravans to attempt to rush into the country.

Border Patrol have presented enough cases to consider that by decreasing the un-vetted immigrants pouring into the country is a humanitarian operation as thousands have died crossing the bored, been sexually assaulted, sexually exploited, and cartel use innocent people as “mules” (illegal immigrants crossing the border used by cartels to smuggle mainly drugs or any other illegal items into the United States). According to the Bored Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez of El Centro, California, stated the new barrier placed in her area, her Border Patrol colleagues feel much safer. Before a wall was placed, assault done by illegal aliens towards Border Patrol Officers decreased 65%.


Mark Napier is the Sheriff of the Pima County, Arizona, who shared some of his experience:

The strategic deployment of physical barriers along our southern border will always be part of the picture of border security which is absolutely fundamentally necessary for humanitarian reasons, public safety reasons, and also for national security reasons. Anyone who suggests that we do not have a crisis on our southern border is being intellectually dishonest, to the point of being dishonest with malice. We have a humanitarian crisis which is very clear and compelling. We have a compelling crisis of public safety with human trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking coming up through the border. This is not make-believe, this is something that we live with every day as Border Sheriffs. So we applaud the efforts of the current administration to secure our border; It’s long overdue, and those who argue that we don’t have a crisis our southern border need to come to my part of the world and see what’s really going on.

We interdicted 58 pounds of Methamphetamine just the other day and last month 13,000 Fentanyl pills. My deputies recover about a hundred bodies a year in the deserts of Pima County, Arizona. So please do not tell me this is not a public safety crisis, not a humanitarian crisis, and not a national security concern. So, this is a very serious issue and it’s time our government get serious about it.

The President and the staff in border security encourage Democrats to visit the border if they want to understand the crisis that is not manufactured as they claim. Democrats have embraced open borders and inviting more illegal immigration into the Unites States to offer them sanctuary, prioritizing people who broke the law instead of their citizens.

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