(VIDEO) “Conservative” Laura Loomer Bragging About Sleeping Around With Right-Wing Married Men


In recent videos surfacing the web dated back from 2017, the Jewish right-wing activist/citizen journalist Laura Loomer, is recorded saying she is unable to count with her fingers or toes the amount of men she has had sex with. In the video clip, she is talking to the group called “The Proud Boys,” which was founded by Gavin Mcinnes, a Canadian right wing political commentator who was a co-worker to Loomer through the Rebel Media. In the first part of the video, Loomer is trying to have sex with Gavin Mcinnes who is married with children. “I want to go home with Gavin,” she repeatedly said. If anything did happen between the two remains unknown.

At the second part of the video, there is a clip where Laura Loomer is aggressively hitting on a man who she considers to be an Aryan man with beautiful hair and eyes like “an Aryan degenerate Goddess.” She tells the unknown man that people are jealous of her because she has “big tits and an Ashkenazi IQ.” Loomer than followed up by telling the man that so many people in the movement are known for “fucking people on the side” and cheating on their partners.

Both of these clips were on different occasion which seems to be a frequent behavior from Loomer.

Laura Loomer is the same citizen journalist/activist who exposed others such as Rep. Joe Barton for behaving inappropriately. However, it is hypocritical that only a few months before she exposed the congressman, she was harassing a man to push him into having sex with her and throwing herself to married man. Although in both clips Loomer seems wasted, does that sound like a moral person fighting a culture war or someone who is in the pubic eye for money and attention?


Laura Loomer left the Rebel Media in September of 2017, only a few months prior to these video footage of her was posted. According to Loomer, she left the Rebel Media do to disagreements based on the way she had to manage her social media, which had to be strictly dedicated to posting about the Canadian news company.

We can not discredit Loomer from reporting on some of her great work, but she does seem to discriminate against anyone who she assumes to be Muslim. In the video above where she is talking to the “Aryan” man, Loomer once again plays the victim role of a Jewish woman who is often discriminated simply for being a Jew. Yet, Loomer was banned from using Uber and Lyft after she refused to receive any service from anyone who she suspected of being a Muslim. Although there may be a majority of extremist Islamic groups, it is also unfair to generalize and include the moderate Muslims into that category. However, Loomer likes to get away with the fact that the Jewish population is a minority in the United States, but she dismisses the fact that true Americans consider everyone equal under the law regardless of religion or race. Loomer’s behavior only creates division and not real solutions.

Tweets from Laura Loomer’s Twitter account in 2017 before she was banned.

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