Jessie Jackson Holds Rally In Support Of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx After She Dropped 16 Charges On Jussie Smollett

Screenshot_20190406-144800_Samsung Internet

On Saturday morning, the long life activist, Rev. Jessie Jackson with his Operation “Rainbow Pu$H” organization, held a rally in support of the State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who has received a back lash from the police department after she dismissed the case of Jussie Smollett despite the fact that she recused herself and the overwhelming evidence of a hate crime hoax. According to people who had witnessed her speech, the audience were calling the FOP racist for attempting to overthrow Foxx as the State’s Attorney for not doing her job as a Prosecutor.

The FOP (Fraternity of Police) help a protest on Monday, April 1st, of the same week to express their discomfort with Kim Foxx when it was proven through texts and emails that she had no true interest of bringing Smollett to justice for hoaxing a hate crime with the help of the Osundario brothers. If the police were racist, as Foxx’s supporters claim, why did they not falsely arrest the two Nigerian Osundario brothers who were complicit in conducting a hate crime hoax that would frame Trump supporters as racist and homophobic?












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