Chelsea Handler Admits She Received Psychiatric Therapy After Trump Won The 2016 Presidential Elections


Before the 2016 presidential elections, a number of Hollywood celebrities threatened to leave the United States if Donald J. Trump were to be elected president of the country. However, none of them followed through with their threats to reside in other countries that would be better to live in other than the United States under Trump. The Comedian/Activist Chelsea Handler was one of the many on the list of Hollywood celebrities who never move to Spain as she claimed she would after Trump became president. Instead, the so-called comedian resorted to dedicating her late night show into bashing the President-elect.

On Friday night, April 5th, Chelsea Handler appeared on the Real Time With Bill Maher show to discuss her current situation after she had a meltdown that lead her to discontinue her show when President Trump took office. Handler admitted she had to hire a psychiatrist due to an identity crisis she experienced throughout Trump’s era. Later Handler realized her anger was coming from a prior tragedy related to her brother’s death when he was 9 years old. Handler also shared her use of cannabis rather than alcohol to help her meditate to let go of her anger. As people on the right may say, Chelsea Handler is officially diagnosed with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).


One comment

  1. These Hollywood activist are mentally ill, queers, lesbians pedifile, and just plain evil and not deserving of life in the United States and should be removed to a island and barred from leaving sin island and cremated when they die of their sick aids and other queer dieases


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