Alex Jones Interrogation On Sandy Hook “False Flag” Defamation Lawsuit (VIDEO)


On March 29th, 2019, the well known “Infowars” founder and host of the “Alex Jones Show”, Alexander Jones, also known as a conspiracy theorist, had to appear before trial where he is facing four lawsuits against him and his company on defamation charges. Jones is represented by Robert Barns, the same attorney representing the Covington High School students. In an interrogation totaling 3 hours, Jones answered to the allegation where the accusers blame the radio host for the harassment that the Sandy Hook parents had to endure by some of his fans. In some of the video footage where Jones covered the Sandy Hook tragedy, an Infowars employee, Rob Dew, showed the addresses of the parents’ homes stating that those were stores, P.O. boxes, and Uhaul rentals and not real residences of the victims’ families.

The ongoing lawsuits represented by Ferrar & Ball LLP are:

  • De La Rosa VS Jones
  • Helsin VS Jones
  • Fontaine VS Jones
  • Lewis VS Jones

Jones repeatedly stated that the video footage presented to him by prosecutors was heavley edited which made it impossible for him to respond whether or not he ever denied that the Sandy Hook tragedy ever took place. On one occasion the prosecutor asked Jones why did he not come prepared to answer questions on dates and other related matters. Jones claimed he did not remember some of the specifics to certain questions and said it was too much to remember since it was so long ago and “less than 1/10 of what they cover on Infowars.”

In the second part of the interrogation, Jones claimed they preserved all the video footage of their content reporting on Sandy Hook. However, Rob Dew has denied they have any existing records of their reporting since they were de-platformed from all social media. The prosecutor did not let it slide and told Jones that if he knew they were starting to get de-platform after their first lawsuit from the Sandy Hook parents, why didn’t he begin gathering all the evidence of their coverage on the Sandy Hook event prior to the purge. Once again Jones did not have an answer for the prosecutor’s question.

When The Patriotic Pundits reached out to Rob Dew requesting additional information on the Sandy Hook shooting coverage done by “Infowars,” Dew stated it was all purged and instead directed us to the “final word” where Alex Jones retracts his comments on Sandy Hook being a “false flag.”


Below is the two-part video of the full 3 hour interrogation of Alex Jones on the Sandy Hook Shooting and other topics of “fake news”, Parkland shooting, and “Pizzagate”. Watch the full videos so you can make up your own mind.

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