Twitter Suspends Anti-Abortion ‘Unplanned’ Movie Account And Restores It After Conservative Backlash


On Saturday, the pro-life movie “Unplanned” had their Twitter account suspended for a few hours on opening week without an explanation as to why that decision was made. However, thousands of people raised awareness within an hour and had Twitter restore the account.

Originally, the “Unplanned” movie Twitter account only had 7,000 followers before it got suspended. Once the account was restored by Twitter, it gained 50,000 new followers. Once again, censorship has backfired by making the unwanted information more powerful.

The movie “Unplanned” is based on the true story of Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood Director who is now leading the Pro-life movement.  Johnson had a change of heart after eight years of working for the abortion clinic. The  movie highlights the time when Johnson begin working for Planned Parenthood to the time she encountered the experiences that made her question whether or not she was making a positive change for women and the world.

Only one day into opening week, the “Unplanned” movie has hit new records regardless of the inability to advertise as much as they wish they could have. Social media outlets like Facebook blocked the producers from purchasing ads for the movie. Channels such as Hallmark, Lifetime, and many others, rejected the idea to advertise the pro-life movie with the excuse of it being classified as rated R. Against all odds, the “Unplanned” movie that was produced with a budget of $6 million has made $2.7 million this Friday after it premiered.

Here is the official Unplanned trailer:

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