Ratings From CNN And MSNBC Begin To Decrease After The Russia Collusion Investigation Ended


Soon after Attorney General William Barr submitted a four page summary concluding the Russian Collusion investigation with a result of no collusion from the Trump campaign or administration with any foreign power, its been a tragic week for the left-wing mainstream media. For a week straight, Fox News has increased its viewership while CNN and MSNBC lost theirs.

Cable News Audience Share
Average – Monday March 25 to Thursday March 28

Fox News 54.5%
MSNBC 30.1%
CNN 15.4%


CNN has comment on the low ratings stating that the viewership dropped due to lack of news coverage this week.

However, President Trump blames the lack of viewers after he was found innocent from colluding with the Russians, “They dropped to a level that no one believes because now that they see the Mueller report, where you look at their finding…their finding was very, very strong—no collusion, no Russia, no nothing. It’s great.”

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