2nd Amendment Rights Under Attack


Our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are without a doubt the most important rights guaranteed by our constitution.  Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of the freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms (our 2nd Amendment) and these two rights have helped allow for us to flourish as a country for well over 200 years.

In recent years our 2nd Amendment has been under sustained attack by many on the left.  The left’s attempt at restricting and/or destroying this right isn’t new but has increased tremendously in the last 10-20 years.  Every time we have a tragedy that involves firearms we have the voices on the left trying to push more gun control.  The gun is a tool that an evil hearted person can misuse but the heart and soul of the bad person is where the problem is.  The evil in someone’s heart, the evil intent in their soul, is what allows for someone to pick up a gun and shoot at innocent people.

Across the board most firearm owners are responsible owners who legally own their guns and have gone through the proper checks and procedures to be a firearms owner.  The overwhelming majority of legal firearm owners have never hurt anyone with their gun nor have they ever even so much as thought about hurting anyone.  With the evidence proving that guns aren’t the problem the left claims they are why do they continue attacking gun rights?  One word: control.

When a tragedy happens as a result of a gun the attacks on our rights reach their peak and the politicians against guns use the tragedy as a sounding board.  Discussions of banning bump stocks, restricting legal ownership of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and banning “assault weapons” become the rhetoric of the left.  Wordplay is one of the tools of the trade, in that I mean we will hear certain words, plays on words, and phrases repeated over and over again to play to our emotions.  “Common sense gun laws” is one of the most used slogans.  Common sense…common sense…the implication being that everyone who is logical wants what is being called for in these discussions and that if you disagree with the proposals being discussed, well, you are not intelligent.  We already have enough gun laws on the books, we don’t need to keep adding to them.  Another common used wordplay is “assault rifle”.  I’m not sure what exactly an assault rifle is, and frankly nobody else with a firearms background knows what that is.  Assault rifle is a play on words used to make certain types of rifles sound scary.  In reality, the misinformed and those that believe everything they are told by anti-gun types buy into that wordplay.

The current boogeyman in the anti-gun community is the AR-15.  One of the current things stated by some of the loudest voices among them is that the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle, a sticking point and much repeated false narrative in the anti-gun community.  A 5 second search on the internet will let these people know that AR stands for “ArmaLite”, the name of the company that created this style of rifle.

Continuing with the wordplay brings me to my next point.  If you look into any of the tragedies, yes, AR-15s have unfortunately been used in some of them.  Anti-gunners call for bans on AR-15 rifles.  That said, AR-15 style platforms are very common and effective platforms and that stretches into guns that aren’t 100% necessarily an actual AR-15 by name.  Bushmaster makes a style of this weapon, Colt makes a style of this weapon, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and so many other companies make AR-15 style rifles.  A ban on AR-15s would impact so many types and styles of rifles that it would be restricting use on a huge percentage of rifles legally owned by Americans.  Whatever else that is left over if an AR-15 ban is put into place would be almost nearly wiped out by a restriction on so-called “assault rifles”.  Again, a scary name, but no basis in reality in regards to that created name.  Common sense and assault rifles are words and phrases used to instill fear and play on emotions and the end game is more and more gun control.

Another of the talking points in the anti-gun community is making it illegal to own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.  There are many that say that 10 is too much, and that amount should be an even lower number, that number being anything over 5 rounds.  Anyone in the know understands right away what this means.  Most every pistol in America uses magazines that hold more than 5 rounds so that means pretty much restricting pistol usage.

The politicians pushing gun control have armed security, people who are armed with pistols and rifles.  If this type of protection is good enough for them then us Americans who follow the laws should be afforded that same type of protection.  Taking away our guns leaves the criminals to do as they please.  Criminals don’t prey on people they know are armed and the gun restrictions only benefit criminals and politicians who have tyrannical thoughts.  Restricting gun rights comes first, then confiscation, and then eventually a system where the government has total power and control over the people.  The freedom of speech and the right to bear arms help us keep the balance of power in the country so we the people maintain our power.  No civilization anywhere has benefited from giving up their rights.  To those that argue that the constitution shouldn’t cover high powered rifles because they weren’t invented yet I would like to point out that nobody in the anti-gun community argues that their use of their 1st Amendment rights aren’t covered with the internet, radio, and television, also things that weren’t created at the time, outlets that the anti-gunners will use over and over again to try and restrict the protections given to us by the 2nd Amendment.

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