3 Arrested For Setting Fire to Door of TPUSA Member Dorm Room


On Saturday, two students from Tulane University and one student from Brown University were arrested for an arson attack against the Turning Point USA member Peyton Lofton. The three were identified as Robert Money, 21, David Shelton, 20, and Brown University student 20-year-old Naimi Okami.

The Tulane University security cameras captured the entire incident that happened in the early morning when the three students set fire to the poster that was placed on the door of Lofton, who is the president of Turning Point USA and a participant in a Libertarian organization called the Young Americans for Liberty. The fire alarm went off, the fire was put out immediately, and no one was hurt.

Peyton Lofton released a statement through the YA Liberty Twitter page saying, “It’s a sad day in America when radical activists are lighting dorm room doors on fire because they disagree with you politically.”

The President of the Libertarian organization YA Liberty also released a statement regarding the matter stating “YAL stands behind Peyton and every other American college student that wants to have real dialogue and debate on campus.”

There is an ongoing investigation of the incident by local police according to new records. The three showed up to court the following day and no longer remain in police custody at Orleans Justice Center jail as they were released on $10,000 bail each.

The motive for the incident is unclear.¬† However, Lofton’s roommate Arnold spoke with the University’s newspaper, “I think it was probably a drunk prank. I don’t want to rule out the idea that it was politically motivated. Don’t have any proof that is is, don’t have any proof that it isn’t.”

Peyton Lofton and roommate Arnold claim they have no relationships with any of the perpetrators.

The executive director and founder of the Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, shared a tweet of the incident with pictures of the aftermath calling the horrifying actions “sick and dangerous.”


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