Reducing America’s Collective Intelligence, One TV Show at a Time


Most Americans watching daytime television don’t truly notice what is happening.  The airwaves during the day are filled with “Maury”,”Jerry Springer”, “The Steve Wilkos Show”, and various other forms of so-called TV entertainment that show supposedly real people dealing with some of the most absurd situations possible.  If you want to change the channel away from the drama stories that those aforementioned TV shows provide daily then you can watch people sue each other on “Judge Judy”, “Judge Mathis”, “Divorce Court”, or one of the other judge shows offered.  If that doesn’t satisfy you then you can change over and watch people gossip about celebrities on “The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Real”, “Page Six TV”, and “TMZ”.  The common theme about these shows is that there is no real substance and you never walk away from an episode feeling like you’ve learned something.  Many people get done watching these shows and think that being dramatic and behaving like a complete fool is the norm and that they themselves have to mimic that behavior.  

Taking this one step further the commercials that are shown during all of those shows is very much a continuation of the dumbing down the TV show was doing.  Lawyers and their firms are very much front and center during these commercials and they ask you if you’ve been hurt at work, if you’ve been in a car accident, if you have been exposed to asbestos, and on and on.  In the 80s and 90s daytime television was very different and the commercials shown offered people opportunities to see that they could better their lives.  Colleges and trade schools were constantly offering up ideas and career opportunities…now the commercials appeal to the concept of not going to work and suing people to make a dollar and the commercials for college and trade schools are far and few between.

Unfortunately the airwaves often don’t help us become smarter but instead help dumb us down.  The nighttime offerings are a bit better but you still have lots of trash TV slipping in to help kill our collective IQ.  We have various Kardashian related shows, television that allows us to watch people shop, go on vacation, bicker about nonsense, and get confused about the simplest of things.  This family is a billion dollar enterprise and sadly the opportunity to create programming showing the building and growth of the actual brand, a show that can actually help people to understand and learn business models, isn’t filmed and turned into a show because people would rather see drama played out on their TV than actual skill, savvy, and positive outcomes.  Showing the building and growing of a business could be of value to the American public, yet rather than the business side of this family we see them behaving like complete morons.  One of the members of the Kardashian family has recently become the youngest self made billionaire, and rather than show how she created, grew, and achieved that success with her business ventures the public would rather know who she’s laying down with this week and the spicy details of the breakups and that removes the focus from the actual success that has been achieved and puts the focus on the dramas that have been created.  Much of the American viewership doesn’t watch one of the “American Chopper” variations because this shows working people applying their trade skills to a self made business, but rather because the father and son have a history of drama and fighting.  The producers spend a ton of focus on the fighting when in reality the real magic is their amazing craftsmanship and design skills.

A TV show like “The Shark Tank” is a real gem because there is value being taught in this show.  We see how hard work and good business sense can pay off.   We see how people have taken basic ideas and turned them into $25 million dollar companies.  There are 10 year olds coming onto this show on occasion because they watched the show with their parents and the entrepreneurship bug was planted and they came up with their own concept and/or product for a business.  The lessons taught on this show can help people learn so much, yet instead of having 30 more TV shows out there that can teach great lessons we are flooded with garbage TV with paternity tests and lawsuits.  Americans are being dumbed down one TV show at a time and most of them don’t even notice.


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