United We Stand, Divided We Fall


If you follow any of the rhetoric from much of the left it is designed to keep people divided and to keep people angry.  United we stand, divided we fall, is a concept that the Democratic Party partially embraces, but unfortunately they choose the wrong portion of that famous saying to embrace.

Divided we fall….divided we fall….

Democrats do a fantastic job of separating people into groups and pitting them against one another, and that isn’t a good thing.  There is an all out effort by the Democratic Party geared to break people up into smaller groups and keep them fighting/angry with one another: white males, minorities, women, LGBTQ, rich, poor, so on, and so on, and so on.  Many of the same people that used to say that we should love one another for our differences are the same people drumming up anger by highlighting our differences and going on the attack.  Being an American is about loving our country and having compassion, love, and respect for all, regardless of gender, color, economic circumstances, religion, or sexual orientation. The sad thing is that all of this separation of people into smaller groups makes us weaker as a country and makes us look weaker to the world.   This constant divisiveness has gotten so out of control that we are now to the point where most people now worry more about if someone is of opposing political ideology than if they are a good person.  In the end what all of the division of people and putting them into smaller groups that the Democratic Party is doing is keeping scores of people angry with one another and is designed to weaken President Trump and the Republican Party.  I’m not going to sit here and say Trump is perfect or that I am in lockstep with the Republican Party but most Americans can see what is going on here.

America as we know it was born from people coming together to support one another and stand up against tyranny.  Abraham Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.  This specific comment was from a speech Lincoln gave in 1858 and was written to discuss how half of America was pro-slavery and the other half was anti-slavery and ultimately this was causing the country to rip apart at the seams.  Prophetically, just 3 years later the Civil War broke out and lasted for 4 years and thankfully the Union, which was anti-slavery, came out victorious and succeeded in once again bringing the country together after the war and making us whole again.  While we aren’t seemingly on the verge of an actual physical civil war we are seeing the ground laid for a quiet civil war, a war in which we are self destructing from the inside because of us having lost the ability to work together as one and put the greater good of the country first.  This commentary isn’t saying one party is right over the other, but rather it is a commentary on the tactics being used by one of the major two parties to win support.  Hopefully we can put our differences aside, embrace one another, and put country first once again.

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