In Italy Migrant Sets Bus On Fire With 51 Children Inside


On Wednesday morning, a Senegalese migrant set a bus on fire with 51 children inside in Italy. The man’s reasons behind his terrorist actions were to protests in favor of asylum seekers who have died attempting to arrive to Europe for refuge.

It was the usual morning routine where 47-year-old Ousseynou Sy would pick up the children after outdoor activities and dropping them off at home from school. However, Sy was on to a different task. When the middle school children got on the bus, Sy threatened the passengers with a knife. Soon after, one of the children managed to call their parents who alerted police of the situation.

Police placed road blocks in attempts to stop Sy , but the driver proceed to ram the bus against the officers. Sy lost control of the bus and finally stopped the bus. The driver then got out and begin pouring gasoline and set the bus on fire as he yelled I’m going to make a massacre in Linate.”

As officers arrested the suspect, one of the officers managed to break the back window of the bus where all the children were able to get out safely. 14 of the 51 children were taken to the hospital after smoke inhalation.

The Senegalese migrant told authorities that he was on a suicide mission to kill himself and others to “stop deaths in the Mediterranean Sea.” Sy blamed the newly elected leader Matteo Salvini’s for reducing the illegal crossing to Italy, causing illegal migrants to drown on their way to Europe, according to the now terrorist Ousseynou Sy.

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