Entitled Career Criminal Overachieves, Gets Additional 6 Years Added to His Sentence For Courtroom Outburst


Entitlement is a major problem in America and I will discuss and detail my thoughts on this issue in upcoming articles.  For now let me put in my first entry about this epidemic of entitlement that does nothing good for us as a country.

Career criminal Manson Bryant has led an entitled life of sorts.  Manson is a 32 year old man who has served prison time on 4 separate occasions and his arrest record goes back to 1999, which means he was committing crimes and getting arrested before he reached his teens.  Bryant’s most recent courtroom appearance is a result of his arrest and conviction for aggravated robbery, abduction, kidnapping, and aggravated battery, all coming while he was out on parole just last year.  How this career criminal was constantly getting slapped on the wrist and how he didn’t catch a life sentence for his latest arrest is something that exposes a major flaw in our criminal justice system.  At any rate, sensing the need to be an overachiever, the 22 year sentence imposed on Bryant by Judge Eugene Lucci of Ohio wasn’t quite enough for Mr. Bryant.  Apparently feeling slighted because he wasn’t given the full sentence of nearly 30 years Manson stood up and unleashed a barrage of ill advised comments toward the judge, called him a racist, and for good measure told him to “service his account” orally, if you catch my drift.


Judge Lucci, himself having presided over 8 criminal cases against Bryant in the last decade, cut him a break initially and didn’t give him the maximum sentence because the defendant showed “some” remorse and was well behaved throughout all of the courtroom appearances.  After Bryant’s outburst Lucci had a change of heart and tacked on an additional 6 years, commenting that he sees that the remorse shown by the defendant wasn’t quite genuine.

Unfortunately Manson Bryant behaves like someone who is just too stupid to follow the laws, has been entitled in not having had the book thrown at him and felt that there wouldn’t be any additional circumstances for his behavior, or both.  The lesson in all of this is that we should respect the laws……….and I guess the additional lesson is that if you tell a judge to give your “fun parts” some oral attention that judge can help see to it that you yourself will be servicing everyone elses’ accounts for an additional 6 years in prison.  Manson Bryant has been sentenced to a full term of nearly 30 years, will probably get out in 15-18 years, and be right back in the same place he’s been 8 times before, in front of Judge Lucci himself hoping for leniency for another arrest and conviction.


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