If You’re Going to Blame Me for the Bad Stuff I Didn’t Do Can You at Least Blame Me for the Good Stuff I Didn’t Do?

2ndamendmentOver the last several years Chance the Rapper has been quite charitable with his time and his money, having given substantial amounts of both to the public school system in Chicago, a school system that desperately needs all sorts of help.  I personally didn’t donate any of my money to the school system in Chicago and I didn’t volunteer any of my time to it either.  In the end, nobody thanked me for the donations that Chance has made because I had nothing to do with those donations.  I’m not responsible for what he did with his time and money and rightfully so nobody has given me any credit whatsoever for his generous actions.

Over the last several years whenever we unfortunately experience any sort of large scale gun violence there are many voices out there calling for restrictions on various types of firearms or outright bans altogether on all guns.  America has millions of responsible firearm owners who do own their firearms legally, act responsibly and safe with them, and never pose the slightest of threat to anyone.  That being said, why is it people that own their firearms legally and follow all laws and behave responsibly are always facing the possibility of restrictions, bans, etc.?  The current thought of the pro gun control crowd is that banning firearms will stop gun violence.  That narrative is completely false and anyone who pays attention knows that criminals are less likely to try and harm those that they know are armed.  Taking away the rights of those who have done nothing wrong is making them pay for the sins of those who have committed evil acts.  Next time someone proposes that I should have to give up my rights that are protected by the 2nd Amendment I want that same person to thank me for donating my money and time just as Chance the Rapper has.   Isn’t it fair that if I’m to share in the blame for things I haven’t done shouldn’t I also share in the rewards for the good things I haven’t done either?  On a serious note, I and most every American understand that we are responsible for our own actions and along those lines it’s fair to blame the criminals for their criminal behavior and it’s only fair to let me keep my 2nd Amendment rights because I respect and follow the law.  Punish the bad people, not the good people.  If you’re going to blame me for the bad stuff I didn’t do can you at least blame me for the good stuff I didn’t do.

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