Hello From This Patriotic American!!!

flagI would like to take this opportunity to thank Yvette Munoz for allowing me to be a contributor to this page.  My personal take on things is my personal take and there is no claim that I speak for her or any other writers that will be writing articles here.  That said, I like to think of myself as someone who sees things from all angles and has an analytical mind.  I don’t walk in lockstep with any one ideology, any one political party, or any one person.  I have my own mind and I do have very strong personal beliefs and I have never been someone who has to agree 100% with a political party or political philosophy…. “well, just because the (insert political party) said it this must be right”…I don’t believe in that blind following of a group.  My life circumstances have formed the basis of my philosophy and made me who I am.  Writing is a passion of mine and I hope that my articles allow the reader to think and to see things from a perspective of logic and old school values.  The entries that I will be posting aren’t there to claim that my point of view is always the right one…I know there will be detractors, I know that there will be people in agreement.  I look at this opportunity to contribute as a way for me to have some fun and offer thoughts on how I see things and why.  Hopefully you will laugh at times, hopefully you will learn at times, and hopefully my articles can be a source of entertainment that allows for the reader to take a short break from the difficulties of life and let loose, if only for a few minutes.   In the near future I will take suggestions from readers on things they would like for me to write about and discuss my perspective, but for the first few articles, I plan on writing about some of the things that I have bouncing in my mind that I would like to offer my opinion on.  Stay tuned and save the page, this is going to be a fun ride.

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