“Demolishing Israel IS The Solution”: Muslim Activist Who Cornered Chelsea Clinton And Blamed her for New Zealand Shooting Is Anti-Israel


The Palestinian Muslim student by the name of Leen who cornered Chelsea Clinton as she blamed her for the New Zealand shooting tweeted an anti-Israel post days prior to the confrontation. After Leen’s post was reported on multiple occasions to Twitter, Leen was forced to delete the tweet that violated the Twitter policies of anti-Semitism after suggesting that “demolishing Israel IS a solution.”


Her best friend Rose is an atheist Jewish woman and they both believe that should give Leen a free pass for wishing for the destruction of a nation. However, that did not stop Buzzfeed from giving Leen and Rose a platform to justify their confrontation against Chelsea Clinton.


According to Leen, Chelsea Clinton was to blame for one eco-nationalist who killing 50 Muslims in New Zealand where Clinton does not reside. After the continuous attacks towards Israel from the Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, Chelsea Clinton condemned her comments: “Co-signed as an American. We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures to not traffic in anti-Semitism.” This comment made by Chelsea via twitter was enough to cause a massacre, according to Leen.

Screenshot_20190319-151335_Samsung Internet

Soon after the confrontation, Leen’s best friend Rose posted a tweet requesting money for their “hard work” of harassing Chelsea. The post was deleted after the backlash from the mob who condemned the behavior from both of the students for harassing Chelsea, who is currently pregnant.

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According to the Buzzfeed article where Rose and Leen were guest writers, the two best friends are Bernie supporters who are professional activists. They currently attend the New York University where tuition is nearly $50K per year.

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